Organisasjon masse folk redigert

Organizational development

Level² has over 20 years of experience with strategy realization processes. A clear organizational structure with common goals, generous knowledge sharing and mutual respect across departments nurture trustworthy relationships, and is the key to good results and sustainable change.

What we do, how and why

Level² performs organizational development through custom processes and thorough planning. There is no single structure or development process that fits all, and through training and proper development we ensure an effective and inclusive implementation.

Through our process, the management staff in your organization spends a few months on formulating their new strategy. The formulation is translated and implemented on behalf of the entire organization through workshops and seminars, with joint meetings where messages are shared between coworkers. This is a classic strategy implementation process.T

Traditional organizational development often puts CEO's in the spotlight, and change processes have a tendency to wind up as words in a strategy document with no action plan. This doesn't work. Research and years of experience have shown that we have to involve the entire organization, and work practically where changes are needed in order to secure mutual ownership.

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Our basic offer entails:

  • WORK-OUT (Post-conventional strategy realization)

We adapt the process to your organization, and can offer parts of WORK-OUT if a less extensive process is desired.

WORK-OUT is a process consisting of problem confrontation methodology and accelleration of change processes.

WORK-OUT provides a goal oriented focus, effective decition making and accellerated strategy realisation where all employees are involved.

During a WORK-OUT process, Level² collaborate with the board, the top leadership and relevant resource persons in order to implement a new strategy.

Then, the strategy is shared and discussed with all employees in the organization over a 2-day work conference.

Finally, the new strategy will be implemented, tested, reflected upon and followed up on by Level².

Example of an organizational development process from Level²

Level² er spesialister innen storgruppemetodikk (Large Group Interventions). Metodene involverer hele organisasjonen i effektive strategiske endringsprosesser.

Level² are trained specialists in Large Group Interventions. The methodology involves the entire organization in effective strategic change processes.

Large Group Interventions mobilize action in groups and individuals, especially around cases with a high degree of complexity. The methodology sparks and sustains engagement, creativity and innovation. They create effective communication and knowledge transfers leading to increased quality in decision making.

«Som leder har man oversikt, men ikke innsikt i alt. De som sitter med innsikt slipper for sjelden til...så sitter du der i ”oversikten” og fatter beslutninger uten innsikt.»

Kristin Skogen Lund

We facilitate for a thoroughly planned process, with clear economic boundaries where we will follow up leaders and coworkers every step of the way.

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