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Leadership development

Fancy lectures won’t do the job for sustainable and fundamental change. Leaders and coworkers need to take active responsibility on behalf of their own development. In Level² we base our work on action-learning, where leaders train their skills while developing their organization. Our leader training is a combination of theory, training and reflection.

What we do, and why

We base our work on process consultation, which entails that proper learning is achieved by reflecting on the events going on here and now.

Our role in Level² is to contribute with conversational methodology, theoretical principles and process learning. Our processes are adjusted to the needs of your organization, and the methodology we teach is based on scientifically developed organizational theory, professional literature and years of experience.

Modern leadership usually encompasses regular meetings with closed teams or project groups. Research has shown that conventional practices on meeting habits are highly ineffective. Effectivity is reached with thorough chairing and facilitation, which can be acquired from knowledge and practice.

Level² offers the necessary knowledge and practice so that leaders and coworkers can reach more effective collaborations.

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Our basic offer entails:

  • Leader group training

  • Individual leader training

  • Module-based leader training program

- We collaborate with you on designing flexible solutions for your organization, depending on what you as a leader or your team require.

Level² has worked with hundreds of different leader groups. Everything from small businesses to multinational top leader groups. When working with leader groups, we base our approach on your business’ strategy. We conduct extensive analyses beforehand, where we focus on the organizational structure and purpose.

In individual leader training, we work with leaders and coworkers. Through psychological guidance and practical problem solving we strengthen your personal competence. From conversation sessions we lay new ground for developing better practice and skill training that is implementable in your everyday workday.

Level² has conducted extensive leader training programs in large Scandinavian businesses. We always base the process on relevant issues within your organization when training leaders. They solve relevant problems while developing themselves as leaders.

Example of a Leader training process from Level² -

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“As a leader I can’t know the answer on my own, my job is to get information from my colleagues in a sustainable way.”

Edgar Schein

Our tools, knowledge, theory and experience can lift your role as a leader by giving you a better better understanding of yourself and your role in collaboration with others.

Send us an inquiry below, and we’ll find a solution that suits you and your organization.

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