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Group and team development

It’s a well known phenomena that businesses within the same industry, with the same prerequisites perform differently. Some are effective and profitable, while others are far away from reaching their full potential. In Level2 we use a spectrum of methods, processes, tools and measurements to navigate and improve communication and performance in groups and teams.

What we do, how and why

The reasons for why some groups and teams synergize better than others are often complex and hard to grasp. There are usually never singular reasons for why a team doesn’t achieve good communication and performance.

Level² cooperates with your organization in order to navigate this complexity. This is done by illuminating the situation from varying theoretical perspectives, supported by methodology and process design.

We also contribute with our own digital tools:

Teambook; a support tool for group interaction over time.

The Group Development Questionnaire. This is a scientifically developed measurement tool for mapping effectivity in group interactions. Level² certifies consultants in GDQ and is an official supplier of GDQ in Norway.
Read more about GDQ here

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Our basic offer entails:

  • Single training sessions (½ day - 2 days)

  • Session process over longer periods

  • Single team training or Multi Team Development

We design custom solutions, depending on the needs of your team and organization.

During a single training session, we meet over a half day, to several days. Both a single group and several groups can train simultaneously.

A session process consists of several single sessions spanning over a longer time period. We usually meet once every month, and adjust the training programmes underway, based on results from the previous month.

Example of a Group and team development process from Level² -

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Teams are part of systems with several levels

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Level²s group and team development processes clearify what's required you, and together with every member of your team.

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